Earth Science Outreach Program

The Educational Outreach Committee, known as the Earth Science Outreach Program, (ESOP), was incorporated as a separate, non-profit corporation, in the State of Delaware on June 17, 1999.  ESOP’s mission is to promote a better understanding and appreciation of the earth sciences, energy resources, and the environment among K-12 and college students and their teachers in the Eastern Section. The program will endeavor to provide small monetary grants to organizations and individuals that facilitate earth science awareness and will undertake other activities that further the objectives of the Outreach Program.


The Chair and subcommittee chairs will each have a term of five years. The subcommittees may include: fund raising, outreach, communications and visiting lecturer. One of the subcommittee chairs may be designated as vice-chair of the Committee. The chair and subcommittee chairs will be appointed on a rotating basis by the Eastern Section President.