2019 Eastern Section AAPG Executive Committee

President – Scott Gorham

Wexford, PA

Vice President – Brian Panetta

Panetta Geological Services
Port Matilda, PA

Treasurer – Ian Thomas

Olympus Energy
501 Technology Drive, Suite 1200
Canonsburg, PA 15317

Secretary- Donna Willette

Illinois State Geological Survey
615 Peabody Dr.
Champaign, IL 61820

Past President – Drew Waggener

Triana Energy LLC
500 Lee St East, Suite 401
Charleston, WV 25301

AAPG Advisory Council Representative – Dan Billman

Billman Geologic
Houston, PA
Term: 2019-2022


EMD Councilor – Randy Blood

DRB Geological Consulting
Term: 2019-2022

DEG Councilor – Robin Anthony

DPA Councilor – OPEN

Committee Chairs

Honors and Awards Committee Chair – Murray Matson

Membership Committee Chair – OPEN

Nominations Committee Chair – Drew Waggener

TOTY (Teacher of the Year) Committee Chair – Peter Voice

Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences
Western Michigan University
1903 W Michigan Avenue
Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5241

Committee on Section Meetings Co-Chairs – Pete Sullivan, Chris Willan, and Steve Zody

IBA Committee Chairs – Gregory Bank (Seneca)

Student Job Expo Co-Chair – Sherilyn Williams-Stroud (Illinois Geological Survey)

Liaisons and Coordinators

Student Chapter Liaison – Dr. Jeffrey Pietras

Department of Geological Sciences and Environmental Studies
Binghamton University SUNY
4400 Vestal Parkway East
Binghamton, NY 13902

Young Professional (YP) Liaison & Social Media Coordinator – Andrew Smith

Seneca Resources
5800 Corporate Dr., Ste. 300
Pittsburgh, PA 15237
Phone: (412) 548-2532

Eastern Section Visiting Geoscientist Program (VGP) Coordinator – Ione L. Taylor, Ph.D.

Executive Director
Earth and Energy Resources Leadership
Queen’s University
36 Union Street
Kingston, Ontario
Canada K7L 3N6
Phone: (613) 533-2574

Past Executive Committees

YearPresidentVice PresidentSecretaryTreasurer
2019Drew WaggenerScott GorhamBrian PanettaDonna Willette
2018Patrick GoodingDrew WaggenerScott GorhamBrian Panetta
2017John HickmanPatrick GoodingDrew WaggenerScott Gorham
2016Craig EckertJohn B. Hickman, Jr.Patrick GoodingDrew Waggener
2015Joan CrockettLanghorne B. SmithCraig EckertJohn B. Hickman, Jr.
2014James McDonaldJoan CrockettLanghorne B. SmithCraig Eckert
2013Tim CarrJames McDonaldJoan CrockettLanghorne B. Smith
2012David HarmonTim CarrEdie AllisonJames McDonald
2011Greg WrightstoneDave HarmonTim CarrEdie Allison
2010Ed RothmanGreg WrightstoneDave HarmonTim Carr
2009Robert JacobiEd RothmanGreg WrightstoneDave Harmon
2008Dan BillmanRobert JacobiEd RothmanGreg Wrightstone
2007James DrahovzalDan BillmanRobert JacobiEd Rothman
2006Peter MackenzieJames DrahovzalDan BillmanRobert Jacobi
2005Murray MatsonPeter MackenzieJames DrahovzalDan Billman
2004Steve ZodyMurray MatsonPeter MackenzieJames Drahovzal
2003Hannes E. LeetaruSteve ZodyMurray MatsonPeter Mackenzie
2002Michael Ed. HohnHannes E. LeetaruSteve ZodyMurray Matson
2001John FormanMichael Ed. HohnHannes E. LeetaruSteve Zody
2000Katherine L. AvaryJohn FormanMichael Ed. HohnHannes E. Leetaru
1999Lawrence H. WickstromKatherine L. AvaryLarry J. CavalloJohn Forman
1998David HarrisLawrence H. WickstromKatherine L. AvaryLarry J. Cavallo
1997Kenneth G. JohnsonDavid HarrisLawrence H. WickstromKatherine L. Avary
1996Douglas G. PatchenKenneth G. JohnsonDavid HarrisLawrence H. Wickstrom
1995Jesse A. ShellDouglas G. PatchenKenneth G. JohnsonDavid Harris
1994Donald F. OltzJesse A. ShellDouglas G. PatchenKenneth G. Johnson
1993Thomas JakeDonald F. OltzJesse A. ShellDouglas G. Patchen
1992Robert A. TrevailThomas JakeDonald F. OltzJesse A. Shell
1991Brian D. KeithRobert A. TrevailThomas JakeDonald F. Oltz
1990Jeffery C. GreenawaltBrian D. KeithRobert A. TrevailThomas Jake
1989Carl J. SmithJeffery C. GreenawaltBrian D. KeithRobert A. Trevail
1988William M. RikeCarl J. SmithJeffery C. GreenawaltBrian D. Keith
1987Paul A. CatacosinosWilliam M. RikeCarl J. SmithJeffery C. Greenawalt
1986G. Warfield HobbsRoy D. NurmiPaul A. CatacosinosWilliam M. Rike
1985Robert C. ClausG. Warfield HobbsRoy D. NurmiPaul A. Catacosinos
1984Russell R. DutcherRobert C. ClausG. Warfield HobbsRoy D. Nurmi
1983Gerald FriedmanRussell R. DutcherRobert C. ClausG. Warfield Hobbs
1982Margaret HawnGerald FriedmanLaure G. WallaceRobert C. Claus
1981Howard R. SchwalbMargaret HawnLaure G. WallaceGerald Friedman
1980Larry D. WoodforkHoward R. SchwalbGerald FriedmanMargaret Hawn
1979Vincent E. NelsonLarry D. WoodforkRonald W. ManusHoward R. Schwalb
1978James A. NoelVincent E. NelsonRonald W. ManusLarry D. Woodfork
1977Ralph L. MillerJames A. NoelVincent E. NelsonLarry D. Woodfork
1976William MacQuown, Jr.Ralph L. MillerPorter J. BrownPorter J. Brown
1975James H. FisherWilliam MacQuown, Jr.Porter J. BrownPorter J. Brown
1974Donald A. ParksJames H. FisherPorter J. BrownPorter J. Brown
1973Gordon H. Wood, Jr.John R. EbrightPatrick J. BurnsPatrick J. Burns
1972John T. GaleyLee C. LamarFranklyn R. EnglerFranklyn R. Engler